2012 Year-End Wrap-up


What started as a vague idea 5 years ago, has become a standing event every month.

Once a month, business professionals from around the state (and occasionally Illinois) leave the comfort of their offices and get some fresh air and fresh perspective.  We’ve had as few as 2 riders, and as many as the mid-thirties.  I think I’ve only missed one ride, maybe 2, in 5 years, and only because I was out of the state at the time.  I’ve met more people than I can name, learned a lot about businesses, bikes, people, families AND I’ve made business connections that have paid direct dividends, tangible and intangible.

For those of you who have made time to be on at least 1 of these rides, thanks.  For those of you that have not, give it a shot.  The group has evolved into a “chat” pace for “avid enthusiasts”.  This is not the family pace of the UPAF Ride, but it’s very manageable for a fit cyclist, and a bit challenging for the infrequent rider.

Hopefully the ride will continue until I’m long gone.  This website will continue to post updates and wrap-ups, but I will no longer send out monthly emails.  Those who ride know about the ride, and anyone is welcome at any time.

Next ride details are here:




Stay safe!

November ride wrap-up

Time to break out the lights!

The November Networking ride is history.  A dozen or so hearty souls all chose to brave the weather and ride outdoors.  We were rewarded with bright sunshine and temps in the upper 40s.  A spectacular day and a spectacular ride!  Some old faces and some new rolled through the countryside trading stories and talking smack.  The group was made up of fairly seasoned riders, so the pace was brisk but manageable.  We once again skipped Glacier Hill, preferring top keep rolling along without losing a lung.

Happy Hour at Seester’s followed, with $3 Mexican beers and more talk of bikes and business.

P.S. – check out Dave Wages’ “Ellis Cycles” , a custom frame-builder from Waterford who rolled on one of his handmade rigs yesterday:


Next month: 2:00, Wednesday December 12th – ride indoors or out!  See you then!

October ride wrap up


“…I said ‘It sure is windy today!'”


“I said…nevermind”

October’s ride is in the books.  Actually a beautiful day, despite the wind.  Seasonal temps but filtered sunlight made for an enjoyable afternoon.  In the spirit of Networking we even skipped Glacier Hill, choosing instead to continue rolling along at a casual pace back to Seester’s (except for Andrew Ohlsson, who can claim that he made it up first and last yesterday).  The first half was loud and windy, but the second half was quiet and very easy.  With winds gusting to 30 mph, it sure was nice to have that tailwind for the whole second half of the ride.

A few beers later, everyone headed home to dream of next month’s get together.

Regarding next month (through April) – you’ll have 2 options:

  • Ride outside.  Show up, dress warm, ride your bike!
  • Ride inside.  Show up, hook up your bike to a computerized trainer, ride a pre-determined “course” shoulder to shoulder with other riders without moving an inch.  CLICK HERE for all of the Computrainer details. 

Last year we went to exclusively indoor rides all winter.  Some people like that, while others (myself included) prefer to always ride outside unless a hurricane hits while a volcano is erupting (highly unlikely in Wisconsin).  If you’ve never done a Computrainer ride, give it a shot.  Plus, you can ride at your pace without dropping others or falling behind the group.

Who’s the fat guy in the middle?

See you all next month: Wednesday, November 14, 2:00pm


September Ride Wrap-up:

“Last one to Seester’s buys!”

Well, if you weren’t there yesterday, you missed the largest gathering of cyclists EVER (on this particular date, at this particular time, at this particular place…)

Unseasonably warm weather brought out thousands of riders (if you weren’t there, you’ll just have to trust me on this) for yesterday’s ride.  Aside from 1 flat tire (despite Mark Lampe not being on the ride) we rolled through the countryside effortlessly, talking business and smack.  Lots of cyclocross bikes on the route means that Fall is right around the corner.

Conversations continued over adult beverages at Seester’s where many business cards were exchanged.

Mark your calendars now, we’ll see ALL of you for next month’s ride on October 10th!

P.S. –  Al Krueger is looking for four to five riders for a video project for Northwestern Mutual on Monday, Sept. 24 for three hours. Details to be finalized.  Send a note to Al if you are interested: atk.krueger@gmail.com

August ride wrap up

We came, we saw, we kicked it’s A…

A select group of us braved the rain and threw down a fun 33 miles with Billy O. giving Al Krueger a run for his money up Glacier Hill.

Beer, conversation, blah, blah, blah.  If you were there, you know it was 10x better that manipulating Excel spreadsheets all afternoon.

Kids will be back in school, vacations over, everybody back on board for the next ride: 

Wednesday, September 12th