September ride wrap up

Waiting for Andrew Ohlsson...

Yesterday’s weather could not have been better as 18 riders left Attitude Sports for an afternoon of riding and chatting.

We’ve done a good job of keeping the speed consistent with the ability of the group as a whole this year.  Sometimes we have a pretty mixed bag of athletic abilities and experience, and we have tried to keep everyone’s ride fun.  Since we had a fairly strong experienced group this time, the pace inched up to an average of 19.6.  For the more casual riders reading this post, we are NOT a “racing” group.  We can certainly dial the pace down to the “avid enthusiast” range of 17.5 or so if that’s the make-up of the group.  This ride is all about making connections.

Early in the morning, we still had a ton of Minnesota smoke-haze, and cold cloudy weather.  Once 2:00 rolled around, it was sunny and in the low 60s.  A bit cooler than we’ve been used to, but a perfect afternoon for a bike ride.  We covered 35 miles on the now familiar route facing stiff headwinds on the way out and sailing home with a tailwind.

"Hors Catégorie" Mont Glacier (if 200ft of climbing can be considered HC...)

The “maillot à pois rouges” King of the Mountain was awarded to Andrew Ohlsson on Mont Glacier after he got the early jump.  I did my best to catch up, but instead served as a nice lead out for Denny “Saddle Shoes” Yunk as he launched past me like a missile at the top of the hill.

Back at Seester’s we all enjoyed some delicious Dos XX and Modelo’s  while we talked bikes and business.

...and why is this guy always there??

Denny and I have been brainstorming to try to help our post-ride connections.  Please feel free to post comments on this site (noting who you are, maybe what kit you had on or bike you rode and what you do).  Also, we need a few people to snap some pictures and either send them to me or post them on the Facebook page.  We can then tag the pics so everyone starts to put names with faces.  Putting me in charge of remembering everyone on a ride is like asking a drunken monkey to teach you to speak Russian – just not going to happen.

Next ride is Wednesday, October 12th.  Tell your friends and we’ll see you ALL there!

P.S. click here for details of the Littmann Loop Memorial Ride September 25th

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