October ride recap

Wow – UNBELIEVABLE weather for an October ride – 72+ degrees and sunny, could it get any better than that?!?

Somewhere just shy of 20 riders rode the loop yesterday.  We took the “normal” route with the exception of a little cyclocross through some new construction (no wonder Fleckenstein rides his mountain bike!).  A few new faces and a few familiar faces made for a very well-organized and safe ride.

Post-ride festivities included beers and smack-talk at Seester’s.

(I’m not sure who the “cycling fan” on the right is, but none of the guys look too unhappy about having her in the shot…)

Re: Networking – Denny Yunk suggested that we use some type of “license plate” like the eppstein uhen ride to help put names with faces.  I think it’s a great idea, as well as a sponsorship (logo) opportunity…


Brooks saddle is optional...

 On to the winter plans –

Aside from a small handful of riders, most people are not nutty enough to ride outside once the Halloween decorations come down.  This group is all about networking, which means the more people at each ride, the better.  Therefore, I propose that we ride indoors (on CompuTrainers) November through March.  We have 2 options, and I’d like feedback from anyone who WILL ride indoors with the group this winter…

Option 1:

Attitude has a bunch of CompuTrainers as well as an open area to set up additional trainers or rollers.  We did 2 rides there last year and had a fairly good turnout.  Attitude has been a great supporter of our group from the beginning.

1 session: $15 – 12 session package: $99 – Unlimited riding for the season: $200

(includes classes, organized rides, & open ride times)

Option 2:

Peak Performance Pros (P3) has 16 CompuTrainers and similar pricing.  Some of the riders have recommended them, and they seem very accommodating to the group too.  They are located just off of 124th and Capitol Drive.

PLEASE VOTE for your preference below:

Next ride (indoors) will be November 9th.  Be there!

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