Networking Compu-trainer ride – November 9th

The votes are in, we’ll ride INDOORS next Wednesday – Attitude it is (for November).!computrainer-class-schedule

2pm, Wednesday, November 9th.  There are 12 total Compu-Trainers, as well as a few regular trainers if we end up with a full house.

For those of you who have never ridden a Compu-Trainer: it’s a regular trainer that you hook your own bike up to, but a computer will control the resistance based on a pre-determined route that we will all ride simultaneously.  You’ll be able to see your wattage (power) as well as where you are in relation to other riders.  It’s a lot of fun, and a great way to still be able to “chat” on a ride without freezing your butt off.

The BEST part of this ride, is that there’s no “fast’ or “slow” group.  In fact, we don’t move an inch!  If you’ve wanted to make these rides, but felt intimidated, now’s your chance!


Attitude won the poll, though not by a landslide.  P3 is very interested in having us as well.

Perhaps one of the future Winter rides at P3(?).

As always, complete ride details here:

I’ll see all of you warm weather weenies inside Attitude next Wednesday!

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