November Ride wrap-up

Winter is upon us.  And so it will go for the next 5 months in beautiful Wisconsin.

For the past 2 years, we (“we” in this case refers to a small handful of nut-jobs) rode outside for all 12 months.

...aaahh, the good old days

While I and a few others still prefer it – riding outside in February does nothing for the Networking side of this ride, which is really the focus.  So, we (“we” in this case refers to everyone reading this) have moved indoors until the grass greens up in 2012.

Our first indoor ride took place yesterday at Attitude.  While we were happy to be hanging out and riding bikes instead of replying to endless emails and growing our posteriors, we were more anxious to be done and move to Seester’s for adult beverages.

Men & women. Riding together. MADNESS!

 Topics of discussion during the ride revolved around getting to know each other, new jobs, recruiting new employees and referring business opportunities back and forth.  A good time was had by all, and we had a great conversation over a couple of beers afterward about riding, training and improving over time.

Next month’s ride is Wednesday, December 14 at Attitude.

We’re riding inside, and I guarantee that no one will be left behind!

Be there or face eternal ridicule.

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