December Networking ride wrap-up

“Testing, 1,2,3… Hello… Is this thing on?”

The December ride is in the books.  4 people (Jason Kayzar, Billy O, John Grosz and John Beauchamp) rode a crazy hilly TT Computrainer course from the Coors Classic:

while Bill King spun on his rollers

After a warm-up and cool-down, we were only on the bikes for about an hour and we got a great workout in.  Post-ride we  headed over to Seester’s for an assortment of Mexican beer and some great conversation.

Now I KNOW there are more than 5 people on this ride list.  Normally, we’d have ridden outside with John Fleckenstein leading the way.  But this year, we all decided that this ride was about Networking, not a test of manliness (or womanliness…).  So we’ve moved indoors for the Winter months to accommodate ALL riders – male/female, fair weather/hardcore,  novice/pro.  At the same time, Attitude moved their Computrainers to a giant private room with tons of extra space.

Now we just need people to get onboard!  Even after I cleaned it up a bit, there are still 301 people on the distribution list.  C’mon!

Make it happen next month – there’s plenty of room!

Next ride is Wednesday, January 11th @ 2:00.

Indoors.  Now what’s your excuse?


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