February Networking ride wrap up

Here’s what you are missing!

February’s Networking ride is in the books.  4 of us gathered for some indoor sweat n chat, while Bill King did his reps outdoors.  If you haven’t seen Attitude’s CompuTrainer room, or for that matter EVER ridden a CompuTrainer, you are missing out.  Let’s face it, the vast majority of you probably put your bikes away just before you start carving pumpkins.  

Riding indoors is normally about as much fun as listening to Ben Stein read the white pages, but add people, a predetermined course, computer-controlled resistance and a pinch of healthy competition and it’s far more tolerable.  There are 12 stations at Attitude, and plenty of room for additional trainers and or rollers.  Music, an LCD display that shows your progress and stats and a full service bike shop with shower facilities!

Everyone rides the same course, but at their own pace.  60 year-old next to 20 year-old, weekend warrior next to Cat 1 racer, etc.

We picked a slightly uphill course and just did a healthy chat pace for an hour or so.  Then rolled to Seester’s for chips, guac and a couple of beverages, courtesy of Pat Wirth – the coolest CPA around.

Next month’s ride is March 14th, 2:00, at Attitude.

What possible excuse could you have for not coming?

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