May Ride Recap

What do you get when you mix a couple dozen business people, a couple dozen bikes, a few dozen miles and a sky full of sunshine?

This ride!

I don’t think we could have ordered a much better day.  Sky threatened rain until about 2:01, when the sun broke out and stayed out for the duration of the ride.  Post-ride beverages at Seester’s didn’t disappoint, neither did the conversation.  As always, lots of bike talk mixed with business talk and getting to know new people.

Sorry, no pictures to post from the ride, so I did the next best thing – I stole some images from the Web.  Pictures are not exactly accurate… use your imagination:

Al Krueger and Jason Boynton look to dethrone Denny Yunk as King of the Mountain on Glacier Hill

Mark Lampe climbing Glacier Hill with 8 total miles under his belt for 2012…

I’ll see you ALL next month!

Next ride is Wednesday, June 13th.  Be there!

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