June Ride Wrap-up

Yesterday’s ride had it all:

  • Regulars
  • New Riders
  • Tandems
  • Cross Bikes
  • Male Riders
  • Female Riders (plural)
  • Chimpanzees…

Which way to the nearest haberdashery?

OK, no monkeys showed up, but they WERE invited.  This was the first ride in a long time that was truly a CHAT ride, and everyone had a great time.  Average pace was around 18 mph, which meant that everyone was able to ride together.   A really good mix of people/professions and backgrounds meant that there was always someone to chat with about something.  The weather was in full cooperation too – 72 and slightly overcast, about as good as it gets.

From now on I will do my best to keep the pace at a chat/recovery pace like yesterday.  I really appreciated everyone keeping the pace down.

Of course, the KOM on Glacier Hill did not go uncontested.  Many will enter.  Only one will win.  Let’s just say, there was no change on the leaderboard…

Denny Yunk is still the King. You got a problem with that??

As always, post-ride beverages and guacamole at Seester’s on the Pewaukee Lakefront made it hard to leave.

We’ll see you ALL on Wednesday, July 11th at 2:00!  Maybe we’ll copy the 121 mile Tour de France route for the day… NOT.

Bring a friend next time!

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