July Ride Wrap-Up

Another fantastic ride is in the history books.

A couple dozen or so riders rolled out of Attitude yesterday to enjoy the dusty sunshine in the “Drought of ’12”.  Once again we kept the pace chatty, and kept the ride fun.  No flats, no mechanicals and no riders falling behind.  We followed the usual route, with the exception of a detour immediately up the back side of Glacier Hill to avoid some road construction.  Nothing gets the blood flowing like a big climb right at the beginning of a ride…

Post-ride we enjoyed a variety of cold, delicious beverages at our usual hangout (Seester’s).  Talk of families, bikes and even business mixed with the sounds of kids swimming in the Lake across the street.   All in all, another great afternoon with friends – old and new.

BONUS: for the those who’ve been following the ongoing saga of

“As the Polka Dot Jersey Climbs” :

There was electricity in the air as we approached Glacier Hill

Nervous laughter and twitchy muscles gave way to the Epic Clash of the Titans as Denny and Al each tried to climb faster and faster without looking like they cared or were using any energy whatsoever.  Midway up the hill, Chris McArdle glanced down at his computer to see a number hovering dangerously close to 25mph.  At some point, someone crested the hill in the first spot.  You’ll have to check STRAVA or wait for the sequel to find out who…

Al and Denny. Or is it Denny and Al?

You know the routine:

Next month, August 8th, 2:00 sharp.  Be there, or be in your crummy cubicle. Your call.

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