2012 Year-End Wrap-up


What started as a vague idea 5 years ago, has become a standing event every month.

Once a month, business professionals from around the state (and occasionally Illinois) leave the comfort of their offices and get some fresh air and fresh perspective.  We’ve had as few as 2 riders, and as many as the mid-thirties.  I think I’ve only missed one ride, maybe 2, in 5 years, and only because I was out of the state at the time.  I’ve met more people than I can name, learned a lot about businesses, bikes, people, families AND I’ve made business connections that have paid direct dividends, tangible and intangible.

For those of you who have made time to be on at least 1 of these rides, thanks.  For those of you that have not, give it a shot.  The group has evolved into a “chat” pace for “avid enthusiasts”.  This is not the family pace of the UPAF Ride, but it’s very manageable for a fit cyclist, and a bit challenging for the infrequent rider.

Hopefully the ride will continue until I’m long gone.  This website will continue to post updates and wrap-ups, but I will no longer send out monthly emails.  Those who ride know about the ride, and anyone is welcome at any time.

Next ride details are here:




Stay safe!

2 thoughts on “2012 Year-End Wrap-up

  1. Is the ride inside or outside today?


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