July Ride Wrap-Up

Another fantastic ride is in the history books.

A couple dozen or so riders rolled out of Attitude yesterday to enjoy the dusty sunshine in the “Drought of ’12”.  Once again we kept the pace chatty, and kept the ride fun.  No flats, no mechanicals and no riders falling behind.  We followed the usual route, with the exception of a detour immediately up the back side of Glacier Hill to avoid some road construction.  Nothing gets the blood flowing like a big climb right at the beginning of a ride…

Post-ride we enjoyed a variety of cold, delicious beverages at our usual hangout (Seester’s).  Talk of families, bikes and even business mixed with the sounds of kids swimming in the Lake across the street.   All in all, another great afternoon with friends – old and new.

BONUS: for the those who’ve been following the ongoing saga of

“As the Polka Dot Jersey Climbs” :

There was electricity in the air as we approached Glacier Hill

Nervous laughter and twitchy muscles gave way to the Epic Clash of the Titans as Denny and Al each tried to climb faster and faster without looking like they cared or were using any energy whatsoever.  Midway up the hill, Chris McArdle glanced down at his computer to see a number hovering dangerously close to 25mph.  At some point, someone crested the hill in the first spot.  You’ll have to check STRAVA or wait for the sequel to find out who…

Al and Denny. Or is it Denny and Al?

You know the routine:

Next month, August 8th, 2:00 sharp.  Be there, or be in your crummy cubicle. Your call.


June Ride Wrap-up

Yesterday’s ride had it all:

  • Regulars
  • New Riders
  • Tandems
  • Cross Bikes
  • Male Riders
  • Female Riders (plural)
  • Chimpanzees…

Which way to the nearest haberdashery?

OK, no monkeys showed up, but they WERE invited.  This was the first ride in a long time that was truly a CHAT ride, and everyone had a great time.  Average pace was around 18 mph, which meant that everyone was able to ride together.   A really good mix of people/professions and backgrounds meant that there was always someone to chat with about something.  The weather was in full cooperation too – 72 and slightly overcast, about as good as it gets.

From now on I will do my best to keep the pace at a chat/recovery pace like yesterday.  I really appreciated everyone keeping the pace down.

Of course, the KOM on Glacier Hill did not go uncontested.  Many will enter.  Only one will win.  Let’s just say, there was no change on the leaderboard…

Denny Yunk is still the King. You got a problem with that??

As always, post-ride beverages and guacamole at Seester’s on the Pewaukee Lakefront made it hard to leave.

We’ll see you ALL on Wednesday, July 11th at 2:00!  Maybe we’ll copy the 121 mile Tour de France route for the day… NOT.

Bring a friend next time!

May Ride Recap

What do you get when you mix a couple dozen business people, a couple dozen bikes, a few dozen miles and a sky full of sunshine?

This ride!

I don’t think we could have ordered a much better day.  Sky threatened rain until about 2:01, when the sun broke out and stayed out for the duration of the ride.  Post-ride beverages at Seester’s didn’t disappoint, neither did the conversation.  As always, lots of bike talk mixed with business talk and getting to know new people.

Sorry, no pictures to post from the ride, so I did the next best thing – I stole some images from the Web.  Pictures are not exactly accurate… use your imagination:

Al Krueger and Jason Boynton look to dethrone Denny Yunk as King of the Mountain on Glacier Hill

Mark Lampe climbing Glacier Hill with 8 total miles under his belt for 2012…

I’ll see you ALL next month!

Next ride is Wednesday, June 13th.  Be there!

March Ride wrap-up

Riders as far as the eye can see...

Record temperatures, record number of riders and one of the most beautiful days Wisconsin has ever seen in mid-March!

March’s Networking ride saw just shy of 30 riders hit the road for some early season riding and camaraderie.  Bolstered by the FOX 6 piece on the news the day before and the ridiculous weather, people were coming out of the woodwork to make this one happen.  

Rich Tennessen from eppstein uhen architects donated some of the name plates they use on their annual ride to help everyone put a name with the face (or butt in this case…).

Afterward, we all crowded the outdoor scene at Seester’s and enjoyed a couple of well-deserved cervezas before heading home.

If you were on this one, you’re probably clearing the schedule for April 11th already.  If you weren’t, you’ll probably just tell your grand-kids  in 20 years that you were (kind of like Woodstock).

Get your priorities straight – clear the deck:

Next ride is Wednesday, April 11th @ 2:00!

Cubicle-Free Zone!

Next Networking ride; Wednesday, March 14th – featured on FOX 6!


For gosh sakes, it’s 65° today!!  Bikini weather is right around the corner…

The next Networking ride will take place INSIDE at Attitude Sports in Pewaukee.

Next Wednesday, March 14th, at 2:00

This will be the LAST indoor ride, in April we will once again take to the roads of Lake Country.

Weather.com says 50+° and sunny next Wednesday.  We moved indoors for the Winter to accommodate

a wider variety of riders, let’s fill it up this time.

FOX 6 News is interested in doing a segment on our ride, so if they decide to do so someone will

be at Attitude to film some segments for the news.  They are also interested in getting some of the

CompuTrainers set up at the FOX 6 studios on Tuesday morning to do a live segment about the ride.

I’m working on both of these, and I know that if they show up, they will want to see lots of butts on seats.

As always, ride details here:


February Networking ride wrap up

Here’s what you are missing!

February’s Networking ride is in the books.  4 of us gathered for some indoor sweat n chat, while Bill King did his reps outdoors.  If you haven’t seen Attitude’s CompuTrainer room, or for that matter EVER ridden a CompuTrainer, you are missing out.  Let’s face it, the vast majority of you probably put your bikes away just before you start carving pumpkins.  

Riding indoors is normally about as much fun as listening to Ben Stein read the white pages, but add people, a predetermined course, computer-controlled resistance and a pinch of healthy competition and it’s far more tolerable.  There are 12 stations at Attitude, and plenty of room for additional trainers and or rollers.  Music, an LCD display that shows your progress and stats and a full service bike shop with shower facilities!

Everyone rides the same course, but at their own pace.  60 year-old next to 20 year-old, weekend warrior next to Cat 1 racer, etc.

We picked a slightly uphill course and just did a healthy chat pace for an hour or so.  Then rolled to Seester’s for chips, guac and a couple of beverages, courtesy of Pat Wirth – the coolest CPA around.

Next month’s ride is March 14th, 2:00, at Attitude.

What possible excuse could you have for not coming?